May 12, 2010

Missing Epically Ridiculous

 Dan-ah Kim illustration personalized by Meryl

Stacy and I used to have a secret blog called Epically Ridiculous and Nevertheless Righteous.  The rule was that each of us had to post once daily.  It was full of our art-in-progress, ideas, silly sketches and collaborations as well as lots of inspiration usually featuring contemporary artists including a ton of photography, and it was just for us.  It was a good outlet for our transition from art school to full time desk jobs.  It fizzled out in 2008 and I miss it.  Do you Stacy?  Do you miss it?  You avoided the question in my email!  So, I was going to post some more photos that made Epically Ridiculous a ridiculous place, but I still feel kind of private about it.  As an exception, check in tomorrow for a special feature post in honor of Stacy's birthday.

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