April 22, 2011

The Cutest

Soon to be husband ever

April 19, 2011


seven course meal of seafood and pasta in veroli, italy


I'm terribly sorry to say that I haven't posted in months upon months.  My secret wedding blog has taken over.  Umm sometimes, a lot of the times, I take pictures at work with my brain.  I wish my eyes had camera contact lenses.  My blink would be the shutter.  Working in a research facility connected to a hospital is weird sometimes.  There's always large, old, dusty mechanical equipment and other junky delights overflowing from lab spaces into the hallways. Walking down the steps between floors four and three often reveals discarded surgical masks and rubber gloves in the dingy stairwell.  I tend to wonder if a surplus of tossed surgical caps meant surgery didn't go well.  The walls are exposed concrete and the lights are dim.  If anyone wants three boxes of test tubes, they're up for grabs in the lobby.  Okay, two, I already took one.  Have built a whole photo series in my mind.  So, here's a scabby, yellow chair taken with my cell phone.